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Laricks Professional Lot Clearing In Villas, NJ

Land clearing is vitally important in various development and construction projects. A sharp eye for quality and professionalism is needed for land clearing projects and that is where Laricks Complete Tree Services can assist you. We have talented professionals who've been thoroughly trained and are equipped with the knowledge for handling your land clearing projects, including stump grinding. 

Dedicated to providing you with excellent service, that is sure to leave quite an impression on you. Our lot clearing company understands that massive-sized trees can sometimes be a problem when trying to clear a piece of land. Priding ourselves at taking on any project despite how difficult it may seem.

Factors To Consider With Lot Clearing

Our team of professional tree experts specializes in large, unmanageable trees, along with being equipped with expert knowledge providing you with tree clearing talent and years of experience on the job. When you decide to choose our tree service company for clearing your land, you are guaranteed to receive optimum service with excellent results.

We pride ourselves in providing you with the best customer service and care possible. We will work with you every step of the way, giving you a peace of mind through the entire process. If you're looking for an effective land clearing company in which you can rely on, then pick up your phone and contact us right now!


Factors To Consider

With Lot Clearing (cont.)

Our specially trained lot clearing contractors are people you can depend on for doing an excellent job. We are proud to serve our loyal clients, going above and beyond in order to do whatever we can to leave them totally satisfied with the services rendered. Our tree removal company offers you superb service at reasonable rates, which is why so many people turn to us for help. And once you've seen our technicians in action, you’re sure to be impressed with their skills.


Here at Laricks Complete Tree Services, we have all of the necessary tools for handling your job.  That's precisely why so many people contact us for their various tree service needs, treating you like one of the family, we value you as a loyal customer. If you have been considering hiring a land clearer for your property, then don't waste any more time and give us a call today!

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Lot Clearing Service

At Laricks Complete Tree Services, LLC, we offer lot clearing as a common solution for properties undergoing a transformation.


We offer the process of clearing trees and shrubs from a plot of land to make way for new construction, renovations, or lawn expansion.

For more information about tree removal or our other tree services, contact Laricks Complete Tree Services, LLC.



Highly recommend Mike and his team! When a tree fell in our back yard last Saturday they came out and got it removed as soon as possible and guided my mom through the whole process! Super professional and they were all around just awesome! If we ever need another tree removed we’ll definitely be calling them!

- Lexi Gilbert

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in the lot clearing process?

Lot clearing is an excellent solution to transform a property. It is a process that consists of shrub and tree removals to clear the plot of land and make way for renovation, new consturction, and other similar activities. It can be an enormous job, so following a step-by-step process done by professionals will make it hassle free.

What do lot clearing services do?

Most of the time, lot clearing involves the same process, although the amount of time it will take varies depending on the project. In short, the process includes surverying the land against the blueprints of the constuction, and then clearing the land to a point where it's ready for constuction.

What is lot clearing?

Land clearing is the process of removing vegetation (such as trees, shrubs, and other types of plants) from an area. Lot clearing is usually used in wooded areas, but it can also be helpful for yards that have not been properly landscaped. Clearing land makes a person's property safer, more attractive, and better suited for their lifestyle.

What is the typical cost for lot clearing?

It depends on three factors: type and density of vegetation, type of terrain, and how many trees or plants remain.

What kind of follow up treatment is necessary?

It varies from site to site and will aso depend on what the final objective for your lot clearing service is. We have experience in a wide variety of sites and also work alonside the necessary professionals when the site demands it.