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Should I Have a Tree That is Near My Electrical Line Cut Down?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Powerline Tress - Laricks

If you have power lines encroaching upon your trees, you may be wondering if it is safe for you to cut them down yourself.

Though it may be tempting to cut down a tree that is close to a power line, doing so can be perilous. You may feel confident cutting down trees or shrubs that are far from the main power lines.

But, in reality, any electrical power lines carry dangers, and without professional insight, it can be difficult to determine whether such a task is safe. If an accident were to occur, the type of shock you will receive from a live wire would be extremely dangerous.

Trees and power lines in neighborhoods are often dangerously close to one another. Unless you are a professional arborist, chances are, you do not have the skills or equipment required to prune a tree correctly. Especially one close to a power line.

Read on to see why trees near any electrical power lines should be cut down and why you should not attempt it on your own!


When Vegetation is Too Close to Electrical Power Lines

It is important to ensure that your power lines are clear of trees and vegetation. A live tree can conduct electricity because its water content is high. If you stand between the ground (where the electricity ultimately wants to return) and the tree, you can easily be electrocuted.

Trees that do not touch but are near a powerline can also be dangerous. The shock may not be as dangerous, but the trees can still conduct electricity, and it is best to avoid being near these.

In a neighborhood, most power lines are covered in an insulator to keep the power lines weatherproof. If electrical wires scrape against a tree’s branches, the wires’ insulation can rub-free, leading to a live wire. This friction can cause a spark or fire.

You may also have a current running through your tree. A tree can become dangerously live when a tree and electrical power line create an electrical circuit which means that the transformer connects to a wire to a tree branch to the ground and then back to the transformer.

In other words, when a tree or other vegetation grows near power lines, it can turn into a risk of electrical shock and is in danger of forming a powerful electrical current.

The circuit process might seem as though it is rare, but it is a speedy process that happens faster and more often than you can fathom. If you were to attempt any maintenance on a tree that has a complete circuit, you would risk electrocution.

Unless you are a certified electrician, there is no way of knowing exactly how well-insulated power lines are. One example of a hazardous situation is a tree that is crackling and sparking, eventually catching fire. In this case, you should call an electrical company to remove the offending wires safely.


What Will a Professional Tree Service Do?

If you have any of the following scenarios, you need to call a professional tree service:

  1. Wires are touching your trees or shrubs and making them live with electricity

  2. You fear there may be some voltage in your vegetation, but you are unsure of exactly how dangerous the situation is

  3. You want to get a handle on how your trees and shrubs making out in relation to your electrical lines

Expert tree professionals can trim your tree or remove it so that your property is safe for you, your children, and your pets. It really should be noted that you shouldn’t take chances when it comes to electricity. Terrible accidents can happen when a homeowner takes risks with electricity.

Tree Service - Laricks

As homeowners typically do not have the required know-how or equipment to trim a live tree, you should avoid trying to handle the vegetation yourself. If you try to cut your trees from a position on the ground, or even from a regular ladder, you risk not noticing a live wire, touching the wire with pruning tools, and potentially causing grave injury or even death.

Without proper equipment, you are also at risk of a tree limb falling in the wrong direction and creating a live wire situation where there was none.

A professional tree service has the correct equipment needed to trim a tree while remaining safe.


Hire a Professional Tree Service

A professional tree service will look for power lines before starting to prune shrubs or trees. If they spot any power lines, they are capable of dealing with them safely. Professional tree services employ tree climbers equipped with proper tools and have extensive training to complete the tree work safely.

If you notice a tree touching or interfering with power lines at your home, contact a qualified arborist. They will assess how close a tree is to a power line and expertly control the way it falls. Without having planned for this, the tree may fall directly onto or close to the power line. Most homeowners attempt pruning trees or shrubs with long-handled pruning shears, which can cause the current to use the tool to arc, causing disaster. Arborists have proper tools that will avoid serious injury or death.

Additionally, a tree care professional is insured and will come with the right tools and know-how. They can safely take care of your tree-pruning needs.


Trust a Professional to Cut Down a Tree Near Your Electrical Line

Laricks Complete Tree Services have over eight years of experience in tree service. Servicing Villas, NJ, and the surrounding areas, Laricks has the equipment you need to have your trees pruned and maintained correctly.

To ensure your safety, we recommend that you hire a certified contractor to manage your trees and shrubs near power lines. They expertly assess the situation and recommend an appropriate fix or handle it themselves.

If you are building a home or landscaping, call a certified tree service like Laricks Complete Tree Services to recommend the placement of trees and shrubs. They will know where they must be placed to avoid encroaching upon power lines or your home’s foundation.

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